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We help corporate companies of varying sizes to hire employees through variety of screening tests. Company employees are company`s biggest asset, So we are helping employer in endeavour for employee well being through corporate executive health check programs, specially designed for executives at various levels.We conduct pre employment screening program for company . We also conduct post employment wellness health checkup program through variety of Health check ups.
We have been dealing with hundred of satisfied clients.
We provide corporate Health Solutions

Corporate health solutions

Pre employment check
We serve the Diagnostic needs of Corporate clients, big and small. We understand their HR hiring needs and their employee wellness needs. We are flexible and have devised customized package for pre employment. We provide Web based access to receive health reports. So that company / Employee can access the report from confines of their own premises.

Executive health check
Health screening offer reliable and very valuable insights in assessing potential health risks. The test results go a long way in reassuring patients and when any abnormalities of  test results are noticed , patient is suggested life style and behavior changes that would help in safeguarding your employees health .Every company is aware that employees are their valuable assets and their well being is responsible for their consistent performance and contribution to company progress . With secondary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and fast lifestyle with constant rush and anxiety, today`s executives need to pay more attention on their health than ever before. We have created various customized health packages according to health screening needs.