Membership : Healthcard

We value our customers / patients. We treat our patients as Prathamesh family Members .

Cardholder is privileged client of Prathamesh and is eligible to get a 10 % discount on any of the routine and diagnostics tests which are  Conducted at Prathamesh Advanced Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd.

Special Invitation is offered to him / her for health related events, campaigns and  health Checkups. Web based report facility is offered to card holder so that they can access the test results in the comfort of their home, saving valuable time and resources.


How to Apply:
Please ask for Health card when you go for Health Check up package to help Prathamesh Diagnostics serve you better.

Download Prathamesh Mobile App and  Apply.

Who are benefited?
The primary Cardholder is allowed to add up to five  family members as secondary members with him / her to get the benefits of Health card.

Validity of Health Card:
Validity is for period of one year from date of registration.

How to reactivate the Health Card?
After validity period is over, reactivation of card is done by opting for health check up package.

Terms and Conditions:
Prathamesh Advanced Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd. offer privileged Health cards. Terms and conditions are as under.The current features and benefits of the Health card program can also be found on our

Website at

Eligibility for Health card:
To be eligible to participate in our health card programme , you have to undergo prathamesh Executive / Master Health check up package .

Benefits of Health card:
Card member is privileged  client of Prathamesh Advanced Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd. He /She is eligible for a discount of 10 % on all investigations except on the investigation not done at Prathamesh diagnostics. No discount would be offered on Highly special investigation / Outside [Mumbai] Investigations .
The membership card remains the property of “Prathamesh Diagnostics “and is not transferable. If your membership card is stolen / Lost . You are supposed to notify us in writing.

Membership of Health card:
An individual can have upto 5 family members as add –on on the card. if you want to become a member of our Health card program , you have to complete our membership process in person at our Panchwati Branch .
14/A , Surya arcade , Opp. Nimani Bus stand , Panchwati , Nashik .
Go to Online Registration: link

You are bound by these terms and conditions when you first sign up to join our Health card program . All members would be give unique a membership number which will be used by Prathamesh for identification purposes. You have to produce membership card whenever you visit any of our branch. Only members and their add-ons are eligible for program benefits. You can avail benefit at all our branches .

The membership card remains the property of “Prathamesh Diagnostics “and is not transferable . if your membership card is stolen / Lost . You are supposed to notify as
Immediately to enable us to issue you new replacement card. A fee would be charged for that.
Prathamesh Diagnostics may at its discretion cancel your membership or refuse you membership to its Health card Program ,at any time without notice to you .

Health card Program clauses regarding privacy and confidentiality .

This clause contains important information regarding the collection , use , storage and disclosure of personal information.

Collection of information:
Information is collected through various communications / interactions as under :

  • Information regarding your visit to Prathamesh Diagnostics.
  • Information provided to us by you from time to time through our website or through mobile app.
  • Information provided by you to us through contact with our customer service executive .

Use , Storage and disclosure of information.

In our Health card Program .Prathamesh Diagnostics may use and storage personal information that is provided to us for marketing , sales , and /or promotions to keep you informed of any special promotions , events , product launches and any other special offers . you permit Prathamesh Diagnostics to share your personal information if required by law , with any law enforcement body or agency . Prathamesh Diagnostics would take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is protected from unauthorised access, misuse and modification. Information would not be handed over to any third agency except law agency.

If any personal information provided to us has been changed , please let us know so to update your personal information . Prathamesh Diagnostics is not responsible to you for any loss or damage due to any false or incorrect personal information provided to us.

I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the Health card programme.


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