Public Private Venture

As true Indians we believe that healthcare and diagnostic facilities should reach grass root levels. This is possible only with Public Private Partenership. We plan to offer comprehensive diagnostic services to the public using governmental delivery mechanisms. We believe there is an immense scope for such Public Private ventures.

Partenership can be materialized in various ways.

Revenue Sharing Model
Government gives the Space for operation and Prathamesh establishes and Operate the centre and shares the revenue with Govt.

Technology Sharing Model
Government Provides Space and basic infrastructure � Prathamesh Upgrades the infrastructure by offering new technology and gives the training to the personnel. An agreement can be reached as regards to charges per patient to be paid to the Prathamesh

Consultancy Model
Government Provides space, infrastructure & technology .Prathamesh runs the show with available infrastructure & give quality services at discounted rates Prathamesh takes consultancy charges.

Following set Ups can utilize these models
  • Government Hospitals [ Central & State Government ]
  • Government Medical Colleges
  • Government Labs & Diagnostic centers [Central and State Government]
  • NGO funded & NPO associated Health Institutions