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Electro Chemiluminescence Immunoassay

Electrochemiluminescence technology found Exclusive on the Roche.
Electrochemiluminescence is so sensitive .It almost parallels the sensitive for PCR. Electrochemiluminescence is a unique and highly sensitive luminescence [ light ] detection systems.
The measuring cell use an amplified signal to detect ultralow concentrations of analyte & providing accurate results the first time. Electrochemiluminescence technique is consider to be more sensitive & reliable in comparision to other methodology.

Electrophoresis on latest capillary electrophoresis technology

In this cutting edge technology all haemoglobin various can be detected.
Different can be made beta , Alpha & Beta Thalassemia
In Protein Electrophoresis M Band is Detected & Quantified.

RIA Radio Immunoassay

It is a competitive binding assay in which fixed amounts of antibody and radiolabelled antigen react in the presence of unlabelled (test) antigen. The labeled and unlabelled antigens compete for the limited binding sites on the antibody. After the reaction the antigen is separated into free and bound fractions and their radioactive counts measured. The level of unlabelled (test) antigen can thus be determined using a standard dose-response curve.
Eg-Various Hormonal Assay


It is a separation method based on different interactions of the specimen compounds with the mobile phase and stationary phase as the compounds travel through a support medium. Compounds interacting more strongly with stationary phase are retained longer in the medium than those that form the mobile phase.

Enzyme Immunoassay

This type of immunoassay employs the used of enzyme labeled antibodies for the detection of antigen/antibodies in the sample. The enzyme catalyzes a color reaction when exposed to the substrate.
Eg . ANA

Western Blot

A Western blot is a method in molecular biology/biochemistry to detect protein in a complex mixture of biomolecules using specific probes such as a antibody or streptavidin specific to a protein or a protein tag such as the hexa-histidine, biotin, c-myc or FLAG tag.The name is a pun off the name Southern blot, a technique for DNA detection developed earlier by Edwin Southern. Detection of RNA is termed Northern blotting.
Eg- HIV 1&2

LA latex Agglutination

It is a type of passive agglutination reaction in which 0.8-1ì sized polystyrene latex particles are attached to the surface of a soluble antigen. This step converts a precipitation reaction into a agglutination reaction, the latter being more convenient and sensitive for the detection of antibodies.

Flow Cytometry

It is an immunophenotyping method in which fluorescent tagged antibodies bind to the antigen from the sample and emit light due to excitation by LASER and can be detected in visible range as a clone of cells of surface markers.

Absorbance Photometry
  • Fluorescence polarimetry
  • Turbitometry
  • Ion selective potentiometry