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Our relentless focus on consistently delivering reliable results and following best laboratory practices processes; have made us the lab of choice for thousands of doctors and physicians.

your continuing  support demonstrates your  faith in us. It reinforces our motivation to excel & sharpen our professional skills to be worthy of your faith

We look forward to serving you & others in the healthcare community in the years to come.

Why Prathamesh Diagnostics?

Seven good reasons for your patient referrals:

1. Quality Assurance:
Prathamesh has quality assurance team which conducts internal quality assurance programmes . We are also enrolled in external quality assurance program. We are now NABL accredited laboratory .This ensures accurate and reliable reports.

2. Excellent Services :
With help of trained and motivated personnel and with help of high tech machines and use of web based services we ensure fast turnaround time; enabling , efficient and better patient management.

3. Reliable reports:
Prathamesh is aware of the fact that good pathology services certainly make a difference to patients and Doctors through better diagnostics; You can completely rely on our reports.

We work relentlessly to provide quality diagnostic services to physicians and healthcare professionals.
Your continuing support encouragement and faith in our reports gives us motivation to continually strive for the excellence and continue to become your trusted diagnosis partner.

4. Standard Operating procedure:
We follow standard operating procedures which have been approved by NABL to consistently generate Quality reports.

5. Sample collection choices for patients and Users of services – @lab, @collection centre, @home
We are always looking for innovative ways to serve the patients in better and co-ordinated manner .We have come up with innovation concept of mobile application .” Prathamesh Mobile Apps “.

6. Expert Pathology Team:
We have got team of expert pathologists with vast experience catering to the diagnostic needs of physician . We have got lot of passion and single minded focus on pathology field so you can be rest assured .

7. Extensive test menu with all facilities under one roof:
We offer all facilities under one roof with extensive test menu. We continuously invest in latest technology and continuously expand our test menu . There is absolutely no need to send patients to different places for different tests.

Looking forward to serve you and healthcare institutions for years to come……………………!!!